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  • Size: 12,240 kilometers / 7605.5834 miles
  • Population: over 1 trillion (68% human)
  • Native race/language : Human/Galactic Basic

Coruscant, was a planetary ecumenopolis in the Coruscant system of the Core Worlds. Arguably one of the galaxy’s most influential and important planets, its cosmopolitan culture and location at the end of several major trade routes gave it the unofficial designation as the “center” of the galaxy. It served as the hub of galactic culture, education, fine arts, technology, and finance. It was on Coruscant that the galaxy based its universal dating system. Where humanity had first arisen was a source of debate, but it was generally accepted that Coruscant was the homeworld of the human species. Regardless, much of its population also consisted of non-native alien races from across the galaxy. The towering skyscrapers of Galactic City, and its long history as the center of political power from the time of the Galactic Republic to the age of the Galactic Empire, established that whoever controlled Coruscant, controlled the galaxy. In addition to its political affiliations, Coruscant was the location of the Jedi Temple, which served as the headquarters of the monastic Jedi Order. In 5 ABY, the New Republic chose to break with a millennium of tradition by rotating the galactic capital from one member world to another instead of housing it solely on Coruscant. Despite losing its status as the center of galactic power, Coruscant would go on to gain representation in the new Galactic Senate.


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