Captain Phasma and Weapons Leak, Star Wars Battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront: 2 is starting to look like a real leaking paradise as new leaks are appearing almost every day. After the release on November 17th we haven’t heard in a while from the infamous leaker Some_Info, but yt despise his abscense, other players have discovered hidden camo’s, weapons and even heroes in the Game Files. Now behold the leaking video of Captain Phasma and some guns!


  • T-21
  • SE-14C
  • SE-44
  • T-21B
  • LL-30
  • C2-B5


  • Concussion Grenade

Captain Phasma:

  • Phasma’s F11-D
  • Phasma’s Laser Gate
  • Phasma’s Healing Well

Credits:, DylanRocket

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