Reply teases of Design Director: Dennis Brännvall

Anakin Skywalker confirmed for Season 2 DLC (kinda…)


All recent replies of Dennis Bränvall (Design Director of Star Wars Battlefront: 2):

Anakin Skywalker:
– Yesterday Dennis Bränvall posted a tease about him tweeking the progression system with a picture of Anakin marching towards the Jedi Temple during Order 66
– When Houston Berry asked: Anakin Skywalker confirmed? Dennis answered: Be mindful of your thoughts. They’ll betray you.

Obi Wan / Grievous
– When ronbob23 asked Dennis for a teases from Obi Wan & Grievous, Dennis said: No. Commence the attack!

Captain Cody / Rex:
– When IrishGamer1461 asked about Captain Cody, Dennis answered: Rex all the way dude!

When Jeffrey vanOrden asked Where are those droidekas. Dennis replied: Master! Destroyers!

Aayla Secura:
– He responded to K who said this: FELUCIA BIOLUMINESCENT PLANTS PLEASE A NIGHT TIME VERSION WITH YELLOW TROOPERS (327th Star Corps) AND AAYLA SECURA PLEASE!!!!! . He responded: Aayla Secura  

Character Customisations:
– He responded to someone named Ian Phil who said: Neat, and after that the character customasations 😀. As a response Dennis simply said: Indeed!

Clone Commandos/Delta Squad:
– When IrishGamer1461 asked Dennis if Clone Commandos or Delta Squad could come to battlefront 2, Dennis replied: Ah, Scorch, nothing better than a jungle hunt. Hiding in the bush, putting a plasma bolt through a hostile’s cranium… makes me feel alive.

– When Military Strong asked about new clone skins: Hello Dennis, any chance we could be getting new clone skins or heroes such as Cody, Rex, Fives, Echo, Hardcase or even Thorn in SWBF2 in the future? It’d be interesting to see some clone heroes… thanks have a nice day. Dennis said: Thank you, you too! We’ll have more info on skins very shortly.

Heroes and Villains:
– He responded to someone named Joe Bourne who asked if they would heroes and villains in order for them to deflect heavy Overcharged & Explosive sentries. He responded to this question saying this: Agreed, we’ll tweak it.
– When Axrora said he would love for the team to change the lightsabers, Dennis said: Yep!

– He responded to A Relateable Meme who asked if they would tweak the emotes glitch where you can’t show your emotes when you have them equipped. He responded: We’re on it!
– When Tristan Shiels asked to fix the glitch where hero abilities are locked he said: Yup, we’re on it.

– When happy Joshua said: nerf all wookies please… he said: It’s coming
– When CosmicDreams asked Any news about a CR-2 or Blurgg nerf, Dennis replied: Yes both.
– When Chris asked: Supercharged sentry nerf?, Dennis simply answered: Yes

Battlefront 2015:
– When asked about why Jyn Erso and Krennic weren’t just simply transfered from Battlefront 2015 by Taylor Straub, Dennis replied: it’s not that simple. We’ve re-done the entire character system in order to expand significantly in not only how Heroes can interact with each other through physics, but also how animations are played

– When SpatialHadesOW said he would love to see Bespin return to SWBF2, Dennis replied: Me too!

Competitive / private matches:
– When SWBF2 Competitive asked if there will be private matches coming to SWBF2, Dennis said: What, so you could play SWBF Competitive you mean? 


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