The Anakin Skywalker Leaks

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Finally the leak we’ve all been waiting for… Anakin Skywalker. This time by an unknown Reddit user. (The post has since then been removed from Reddit). So you should take this with a grain of salt but it has been confirmed, kinda, so it would be very likely to see him in the game.

Now the leaker says that there will be a DLC season in February which will feature, Anakin Skywalker, Count Dooku (I personally cannot wait for that execution  ), Mustafar and Anakin’s ship Twilight.

Anakin will be of course be equipped with a blue lightsaber from ROTS and according to the leaker he will have the following abilities:
– Force Lift
– Reckless (increase damage to his lightsaber and increase resistance to blaster fire)
– Force Swing (He would dash forward and knock back any enemies in his path)

Star Cards:
– Force Lift modifier (increase range)
– Unknown name (knock down more players)
– Unknown name (modify his lightsaber to deal more damage)
– Rage abilities modifier (more damage to Sith)

What do you think of these new leaks?

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