Lord Momin

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Since 2013, we haven’t been getting much canon lore about the ancient Sith. If any at all. But now with the latest Darth Vader comics by Charles Soule. We have been learning more and more about a sith lord who was named Lord Momin.

The helmet of Momin is an intriguing sith artifact, as it possesses people into doing actions, or giving information. As we saw in the Lando comics it possessed people into killing each other, and in the latest Darth Vader comic it is said to have possessed an assistant of Vader and talk to Palpatine himself


Our story begins when Vader chooses Mustafar as the planet for his temple, his reason for it is the place where he forged his lightsaber because it gave him such insight to the Dark Side of the Force he had never felt before. Sidious replied by giving him padme’s ship and two architects of the Empire to go with him. But also to offer him Lord Momin’s helmet as a gift. And here’s where things get really interesting as Sidious explains:

“Momin was uncommon among Sith. Many of us build our legacy through destruction. Momin prefered to create. He and I have that in common. The uses he found for the force were truly unique, likely never again replicated.” To which Vader replies: “I have never seen the name Momin in any holocron, jedi or sith.” Sidious explains: “The paths he walked were deemed heretical. His story was suppressed.” Vader asks: “Then how do you know it, my master?” “Because the mask told me.” Sidious answers.

Flashing forward to Mustafar. Vader goes into the cave to meditate on the Dark Side of the Force. But hears a scream from one of the architects. When Vader reaches the ship he is surprised to see her shot and killed by the other architect which has put on Momin’s mask. And is possessed by him. After Vader slices him down he sees an hologram with the design of his temple.

So what intrigues me a lot is that this indicates some behind the grave influence from a Sith that we have only seen in old legends material. Think about Sith holocrons, or tombs from Andeddu for example. And to have something like that in Canon is really great, and hopefully there’s much more to come. In the next issue we’ll probably see more about Momin. Stay tuned and May The Force Be With You!

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