Theory: Rian Johnsons Trilogy and the Origins of the Jedi

The Rian Johnson Trilogy and the Origins of the Jedi

Written by: Daniel van Rie

Last year we got the big news that Rian Johnson, the writer and director of The Last Jedi will be writing and directing a new trilogy of Star Wars movies. These movies will be separate from the Skywalker Saga and will explore things that haven’t been explored before in the Star Wars Movie Saga. In this article I will tell you my thoughts on why I think that it could possibly dive into the origins of the Jedi.

The Origins of the Jedi:
As you may have noticed in The Last Jedi, the movie involves highly on the history of the Jedi, their psychology, and the idea that (which I personally share) the Jedi aren’t that good after all but the Sith are neither, that the Force doesn’t belong to just one group of people but that it is a force that flows through the entire galaxy and through everyone in it. The storyline of Luke on the ancient Jedi island of Ahch-To opens up many options to future movies that could exploit the idea of which the Jedi were founded. Not only Luke’s storyline is touching these old ideas. The whole movie does; Snoke referring back to Vader, acknowledging to Kylo that Vader had a heart which lead to the destruction of the Empire, DJ who pointed out that both the Rebellion and the First Order are basically the same. Yes, the First Order are obviously the bad guys but when it comes down to it the actions of the Rebellion aren’t that good as well. He will do what he must to survive because today the First Order has the upperhand on the Rebellion and the Rebellion needs help but tomorrow it might just as well be the Rebellion who stays on to the First Order. These ideas go all the way back to the clone wars era and beyond. However, my reason why I think that Rian Johnson will be about the Origin of the Jedi involves Luke’s exile on Ahch-To, on which the very first temple of the Jedi was founded (in the Expanded Universe the Origin of the Jedi lies on the planet of Tython), there is mosaique on the floor with what seems to be another being of Snoke’s race and which is in fact the First Jedi, there is the pure balance on the island which Rey discovers, something Dark, but also life and good. These aren’t elements of the Sith nor the Jedi these are elements of the Force of which the Jedi and Sith have used and claim to be theirs.

Originally (in Legends lore), the Jedi Order, which was originally called the Je’daii order), was created for one purpose and one purpose only, to maintain the balance of the Force. In oppose to the views of the Jedi Order we know of in the prequels, the Je’daii saw the Force as three aspects, the Ashla (light), the Bogan (dark) and the Bendu (balance). What the Jedi Order thought was the balance in the movie saga is to get rid of all the darkness in the universe, then and only then the Light would rule and there would be balance, this is a wrong assumption. There is only balance when there is dark and light in the words of Snoke: “Darkness rises, and Light to meet it!”. That is what balance is about, and the Je’daii knew this. When people were too much attracted to the Light Side or the Dark Side, they were expelled from the Order and had to meditate until they found their inner balance once again. Eventually there would be a Hundred Year Darkness (This is canon), when a Rogue Jedi came to believe that the full potential of the Force could only be reached by tapping into the Power of the Dark Side, he got cast out by the Jedi Order. But he gained followers, that eventually got known as the Sith. This is a short summary of how the beliefs of the Ancient Jedi and the Origin of the Sith which could be very well laid out into a series of movies, or TV series. We have really only seen one Jedi who realised this, Luke Skywalker. In The Last Jedi he says that the Force indeed doesn’t belong to the Jedi (Light Side) or the Sith (Dark Side). The Force is the Light and Dark Side.

Is this a reference to the Je’daii order and a possibility for further explanation by Rian Johnson? I would certainly love to see it on the big screen. Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section down below or if you have a more formal question for us be sure to send an email to:

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